Kickoff March 14th in Pelosi’s hometown, San Francisco!

Coast to coast..9,593 miles! San Francisco to Miami and many stops in between.

We did it in 2010 and we can do it again in 2020!

Let’s take the gavel from Pelosi’s hands one final time and send her into retirement.

Coast to Coast

San Francisco to Miami – 9593 Miles

  • San Francisco – Kickoff in Nancy Pelosi’s Hometown!
  • Sacramento – CA07
  • Modesto – CA10 & CA16
  • Hanford – CA21
  • Palmdale – CA25
  • Beverly Hills – CA28 Adam Schiff!
  • Tustin – CA48
  • San Diego –  CA49
  • Las Vegas – NV03
  • Provo – UT04
  • Flagstaff – AZ01 & Senate
  • Winslow – AZ01  (Standing on the corner in Winslow, AZ, such a fine sight to see”… The Eagles!)
  • Tuscon – AZ02 & Senate
  • Albuquerque – NM02
  • Oklahoma City – OK05
  • Kansas City – KS03 & Senate
  • Des Moines – IA03 & Senate
  • Moorhead – MN07
  • Minneapolis – MN05 Ilhan Omar!
  • Lacrosse – WI03
  • Waterloo – IA01 & Senate
  • Davenport – IA02  & Senate
  • Rockford – IL16
  • Batavia – IL14
  • Lansing – MI08 & Senate
  • Akron – OH13
  • Pittsburgh – PA17
  • Scranton – PA08
  • Utica – NY22
  • Albany – NY19
  • Burlington, VT – Bernie Sanders Hometown
  • Lewiston –  ME02 & Senate
  • Concord – NH02 & Senate
  • Manchester – NH01 & Senate
  • Poughkeepsie – NY18 & NY19
  • Massapequa – NY02
  • Staten Island – NY11
  • Somerset – NJ07
  • Tom’s Rover – NJ03
  • Bridgeton – NJ02
  • Norfolk – VA02
  • Richmond –  VA07
  • Rocky Mount – NC01 & Senate
  • Charleston – SC01
  • Gainesville – GA09 & Senate (Doug Collins)
  • John’s Creek – GA07 & Senate
  • Roswell – GA06 & Senate
  • Clearwater – FL13
  • Miami – FL26
  • Coral Gables – FL27
  • Palm Beach – The End!

Donate Today

$95.93 is just one penny per mile!
9593 miles to take the gavel from Speaker Pelosi.

To mail a donation via USPS to our headquarters, please send to:
Women for America First
P.O. Box 72861
Marietta, GA 30007


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I stand with my President and PLEDGE to work to FLIP THE HOUSE and BOOT PELOSI as Speaker of the House.

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Capitol Hill Information

Contact Capitol Hill About Impeachment

Congressional Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

Speaker Nancy Pelosi – Office Location: Longworth, 1236

Congressman Adam Schiff – Office Location: Rayburn, 2269

Congressman Jerry Nadler – Office Location: Rayburn, 2109

House Directory (for your Member of Congress) https://www.house.gov

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Women for America First will be coming to your city to rally women (and men) nationwide in support of the critical issues affect all Americans. We’re looking for leaders in every state and community to help organize their own events locally along the BOOT PELOSI tour.

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The events along the tour are one of the most important things you, as an engaged citizen, can do. Your help is greatly appreciated in making sure these events take place. Get involved today!

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